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Case Study: CubePro.png

3D Printer package for public libraries and schools


Business Problem: Offer an affordable solution for libaries and schools to allow children access to 3D printing and scanning technologies.  Include operational processes, training and maintenance.

PNSG Value Proposition: 3D Systems line of scanners and CubePro printers.  Partner with Lazerware for IT managed services and three year maintenance program.

Results: Creation of a package that included hot swap maintenance plan, 3D printer, scanner, all software, trainining, and consumables for a 3 year period for under $12,000.


Business type: Public libraries and school libraries

Business problem / challenge or need:  Find a cost effective way to purchase 3D printing technology and training and provide to children that may not have access due to economic challenges.  Operational procedures and training must be provided along with maintenance services.  Typically public grants are sought to provide funding which require some level of knowledge to request funding.

Solution: Partner with Lazerware whom has 20 years of experience in providing IT services to libraries in the St. Louis, Mo and southern Illinois region.  Survey current market to determine market needs.  Researched and chose 3D Systems hardware based on value and maintainability.  Created process and procedures that are adaptable based on the individual library personnel and space constraints.  Engage a grant writing expert to provide language for grant submittals.  Established a training program. 

Results:  Entire package cost is under $12,000.  Seventeen public libraries responded as having an interest in our package.  Currently waiting for grant approval.

If you would like to learn more about Lazerware or 3D Printer and scanner services, please contact us.