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Case Study: Layer2 Cloud Connector

Document synchronization to SharePoint Online customer portal


Business Problem: Automated, bi-directional synchronization of documents between a Customer Portal on SharePoint Online and on premise file server.

PNSG Value Proposition:

  • Layer2 Cloud Connector ​installation and configuration
  • Development of repeatable setup process


  • Short implementation time frame (days, not weeks) due to 'codeless' approach
  • Saved on IT management costs
  • Decreased new project customer portal setup time and increased accuracy
  • Improved client communication and customer service


Business type: Architecture firm

Business problem / challenge or need:  Customer was currently utilizing cloud file storage at the cost of $500/month to provide a secure file repository for each individual project that allowed vendors and clients to access project documentation. Upon moving email to Office 365, the customer wanted to take advantage of SharePoint Online for this Customer Portal to reduce costs and provide additional functionality that was not available in the previous solution. 


  • Automate synchronization​ of on-site project files to their respective project Document Libraries on a SharePoint Site.
  • Must be secure and have ability to assign different levels of access (read only, add documents)
  • Allow external users to upload project related documents
  • Due to size of architecture drawings, these files need to remain on-site for faster access.  So must allow the two way synchronization of documents to web site and on-site server

Solution: A repeatable process was established to utilize templates to create a) project directory structure for on-line documents; b) SharePoint Site with required functionality and document library structure; c) bi-directional synchronization of project documents. 

Layer2 Cloud Connector was implemented to establish automated synchronization of project documentation between the SharePoint Online project site and the on-site file server.

 Results:  Our customer was impressed with the short time in which the solution was tested and implemented as a result of the Layer2 Cloud Connector 'codeless' solution.  Through the move to Office365 and SharePoint online, the following advantages were realized:

  • Cost saving of $500/month by removing a duplicate, less functional technology
  • Improved and timely customer communication leading to improved customer service
  • Enhanced features and functionality utilized to give customers a more meaningful experience
  • Scalable solution and ability to continually add functionality

If you would like to learn more about Layer2 Cloud Connector, Office365 or request a live demonstration, please contact us.