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Case Studies:

Here are few examples of the many projects in which PNSG has provided solutions
for our clients.

Case Study: Document synchronization to SharePoint Online customer portal

Business Problem: Automated, bi-directional synchronization of documents between a Customer Portal on SharePoint Online and on-premises file server.

PNSG Value Proposition: Installation of Layer2 Cloud Connector software.


  • Short implementation time frame (days, not weeks) due to 'codeless' approach
  • Saved time and increased accuracy
  • Improved client communication and customer service


Case Study: 3D Printing Package for public libraries and schools

Business Problem: Offer an affordable solution for libraries and schools to allow children access to 3D printing and scanning technologies.  Include operational processes, training and maintenance.

PNSG Value Proposition: 3D Systems Cube Pro line of printers and partner with Lazerware for IT managed services and maintenance for three years.

Results: Creation of a package that included hot swap maintenance plan, 3D printer, scanner, all software, training,  and consumables for a 3 year period for under $12,000.


Case Study: Provide real-time ERP  data from a Universe database to a web-based customer portal

Business Problem: Feed real-time data from ERP utilizing Universe multi-valued database structure to a WordPress based customer portal.

PNSG Value Proposition: Partner with Checkett Systems to develop a .NET API to provide customer data information.  API calls appropriate Universe routines which provides data to customer portal in JSON format.


  • Reduce customer service calls by providing customer information on-line
  • Improved customer service
  • Increase in Accounting Departments productivity
  • Increase in data accuracy due to customer visibility


Case Study: Project management for a Point-of-Sale application development effort

Business Problem: Current cash register system using outdated hardware and software that is hard to replace.  Over 250 stores in North America that need to updated technology and software to improve functionality and data integrity.  Most locations are in remote areas where internet is not available.  Current IT staff is dedicated to daily operations with little time for development or project management.

PNSG Value Proposition: PNSG provided one skilled consultant to provide project management, application design consulting and vendor coordination to allow internal development staff to focus on development efforts.

Results: Application was developed on time, on budget and released to over 250 stores in North America.